Competitively priced coaching services for all levels of rider across the disciplines of road and track.

Individual Training Prescription

1:1 online coaching prescription in a weekly plan. This is the way to ensure your training is optimal. Utilising Training Peaks™ for seamless, rider-focussed data sharing and in-depth analysis of your workouts and progress.

Bike fitting and Biomechanical Assessment

I believe a bike fit is more than just adjusting saddle height or fitting shims to cleats. I studied biomechanics so I can identify any deficiencies in the rider's posture or pedalling style and recommend exercises and treatments to rectify them.

By understanding how to work with both the rider and the bike, I can employ an adaptive process that will result in increased performance, improved comfort and minimised risk of injury.

Fitness Testing

Do you need a ramp test, MMP, FTP? do you know which one you need and why? Do you need to incorporate training zones into your workouts?

Bike Workshop

  • Servicing

  • Wheel Building

  • Frame preparation and custom builds

Most repairs, assessments and part replacement on MTB, Road and Track bikes can be carried out at a competitive charge in our Bedfordshire based workshop.

Please get in touch for prices and more information.

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